Born Backwards

catch me, i'm falling

Effy Stonem
12 August
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Effy Stonem, the poster child for all things fille fatale, is beautiful, fit, and mysterious. She's quiet and elusive, enigmatic and confusing, and one of the most observant people you'll probably ever meet. She'll tell you exactly what you probably don't want to hear. She's always wearing her poker face, and she'll tell you she doesn't deal with emotions, or relationships, or caring about people. She's a bad girl, with a drink in her hand and a cigarette (or something else) between her lips. She's a party girl who loves a dance floor. But that's not all she is. Underneath that ice queen is a girl much more fragile and a lot more loving than she'd ever let on, who's just trying to be happy for once, without everything falling apart.
Everybody loves me

'Too pretty for your own good. That's why you destroy everything you touch.'
Outlaw Tour 2.0

Now, six months post-s4, Effy's bid Bristol a fond 'fuck you', and is playing Bonnie and Clyde again, this time in London. She's working as a waitress (just don't ask her where if you don't want a death glare), living in a tiny flat with James Cook, and giving life (and love) as a sane person one more go.
'You promised me a party. Where is it?'

When she's not living it up in London, Effy can be found lurking around her other verses at:

DISCLAIMER: Mun and muse are both of legal age. I'm not Kaya Scodelario (sadly), and I'm not affiliated with her or Skins in any way. This is just for fun times.

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